Meet The Trainer

Joelle Miller has been a trainer in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Her experience includes group training, Personal Fitness Training, Golf Conditioning, and Pilates. Her main philosophy for personal training, with any client, revolves around a Pilates base, integrating Core Strength Values in all the classes she teaches and Fitness Training programs she creates for all clients.

A Strong Core Makes the Body Successful

With a Pilates certification from The Physical Mind Institute, Joelle opened her first Pilates/Fitness Studio in Portland, OR where she ran the business for 3 years before relocating to Seattle. While in Seattle, Joelle continued running her fitness studio under within The Pilates Life for another 5 years before again relocating to the Denver area.

Joelle brings a fitness knowledge that spans the last 25 years through certifications and trainings in Fit Ball, Strength Training, Spinning, Pilates for Golf, Yoga Fit, BOSU, Pilates and group training.

With a passion for Athletic Training, Joelle has incorporated her Pilates training into everyday Athletic workouts creating programs for all fitness levels that never let a client Stop Building Balance, Gaining Flexibility or Increasing Endurance!

Get Fit, Get Strong, Get Balanced